Melbourne Medidtation Centre

Meditation Made Easy

If you don't think you can meditate, or have tried before and struggled or failed, then this approach will help.

Includes 'Spot Meditations'

Don't have 20 minutes spare? No problem. We'll show you how to meditate in 20 seconds flat, anywhere and anytime.

A Unique Approach

Meditation shouldn't be a chore, or bore. Our approach is unique. We think you'll find it refreshing. And realistic.

Pay What You Like

No price — and no catch. You choose what to pay.


Why choose this course?

You know that meditation is good for you. You've seen the research and understand the benefits, but:

  • you don't know where to start
  • you dont' have the time (or discipline)
  • you can't sit cross-legged
  • you get restless, agitated or scared when you close your eyes or have to sit still
  • you can't switch off your mind
  • you've tried it before and found it boring (or fell asleep, or didn't 'get' it, or couldn't work out what you were meant to be doing, or just found that nothing much happened)
  • you already meditate but wish you could go deeper

This course presents meditation in a simple, practical manner. You'll have access to an experienced teacher and you'll be introduced to techniques that work in busy contemporary lives. You won't have to sit cross-legged. You won't have to empty your mind. And you won't have to meditate for hours a day.

You'll be introduced to a wide variety of techniques and we'll offer you clear explanations every step of the way, so that you understand exactly what you are doing and why.

The course is divided into six lessons. You'll have access to a range of guided meditations which you can listen to or download. You'll be introduced to spot meditations which you can use to destress wherever you are, as well as formal practices designed for deeper relaxation, better health and self awareness.

Who is the course for?

Who is the course for?

  • you are new to meditation and want an easy way to learn
  • you’ve been trying to meditate on your own without success
  • you already meditate but want to go deeper
  • you want a natural approach – you don’t want to have to rely on binaural beats, subliminal suggestion or other technology to manipulate your brainwaves
  • you want to learn to meditate, rather than to adopt a new religion or join a cult
  • you want clear instruction rather than pop-psychology and wishful thinking

What do you get?

What do you get?

  • simple, clear, step-by-step instructions
  • the background information necessary to develop a clear understanding of what meditation is as well as how and why it works
  • a wide range of guided meditations that you can listen to and download
  • extensive written material to help you verify your experience and answer questions
  • email consultations with Matthew Young, Director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre
  • simple methods to settle your mind into a natural state of ease and contentment.
  • mindfulness exercises to help you to remain calm and balanced throughout the day
  • strategies for letting go of physical and mental tension.
  • tips on how to easily overcome the common difficulties meditators experience
  • opportunities to reflect on your progress and learn from your own experiences

Available to you online 24/7, this course can be done anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you.

The course is comprised of six lessons, each of which will probably take you about 90 minutes to complete, and provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation.

Pay what you want?

Yes, You Choose What to Pay!

And what's the catch? Well, there isn't one. It just saves me having to come up with a price!

I've put hundreds of hours into developing this course, based on years of meditation study and practice, but only you can judge how much it's worth and how much you can afford. Therefore, pay what feels right for you. Whatever you give, big or small, will be received with thanks.

What people are saying.

What Our Users Have Been Saying

I am getting so much more than whatever I ever expected from this course. It has given me such a deep understanding of allowance and the permission to take yourself to a place you wouldn't dream of before.
— Natalie R.

Since I finished your online meditation course, I have made a big progress in my practice. Meditation penetrated all sides of my life and I really like it. The online course helped me a lot. There are not similar meditation centres for public in the Czech Republic, so the books or online courses are the only opportunity, how to study and learn meditation in my country.
— Hana P.

I have been meditating for many years but this course describes things in a deeper way than I have come across before. It makes things simple but deep.
— Kerry-Ann C

I gained so much from this course. I thought I had a fair grasp of meditation and what it was but I was happily proven wrong. The level of information that is put together here is priceless. I have a very different understanding about meditation now and its enhanced my self-practice greatly.

— Edward C.

I have found the course so far very practical. I like the way the lessons have built on each other starting from the basics and leading on into more layers of understanding. Everything is presented clearly and simply in a way that kind of demystifys meditation without reducing its impact or importance.

— David T.

Just want to say that this online course really helped me when I first registered, and I've since recommended it to many people! Again I'm encountering a time of high stress and because of my positive experience in the past I'm coming straight back to the program and the guided meditations that are so great. So thank you, and keep up the good work!

— Shelley M.

I have just started the online mediation course and I love the "simple definition" of meditation! It is encouraging to be reminded of the basics in plain English. The lessons so far have really helped me re-focus my meditation practise in a very practical no-mess and no-fuss way. I am keen to continue exploring meditation through the online course and to learn various techniques to calm my mind and relax my body. Thanks for developing this well-structured, flexible and practical course.

— Vicky F.

WOW, what can I say!! I can't believe how much I learnt already in that online session! Yes I am one of those people who thought I was doing it wrong, that my mind was to be blank etc. — so all of the theory was very useful and helpful! And I was very surprised that I did feel relaxed and peaceful & I still do. I did a six week meditation course through a community centre a couple of years ago and it was nothing at all like what I just learnt in that lesson! So I am so excited for the next five weeks!

— Caroline P.

This course has consolidated, clarified and simplified my understanding of meditation. I can summarize that meditation is composed of relaxing the body and calming the mind, and this state can be facilitated by utilizing mindfulness ( sensing the present moment through the windows of the 5 senses.) objective awareness of what is noticed and our reaction to what is noticed and the use of focus as a valuable tool for directing and therefore calming the mind. LOVE IT! Thank you!

— Chelsea H.

Thought I'd drop a quick line to thank you for putting this course together. To be honest, I feel I've been incredibly unfair paying $1 for the content you've provided. I didn't realise what a quality resource you'd provided until I'd started it.

— Heidi Q.

I am going pretty well - just need to remember to take every opportunity to practise, whether it be a quick 2 minutes or 20!  I feel I can more easily stop my busy mind, or at least slow it down. I am also more mindful of what is around me. e.g. sounds, colours, patterns, textures, etc. I think my meditation has helped me to de-stress and not take things so seriously.

— Philomena M.

Thanks Matt. I like your course already. I like the simple definition. And I like the lack of dogma. And I love the easy applicability of the short meditations.

— Margie O.

I am loving the course. I love how it explains meditation and makes it accessible to everyone. I've found the body scan incredibly beneficial, so quick and easy to incorporate in to my day.

— Jodie R.

Had a few deep meditations and even given the kids some guided relaxation. Very much enjoyed the course and feel more centered and relaxed overall.

— Scott T.

The course has definitely had a big impact on my life. I'm interested to see what it will be like to meditate without guidance.... though that might be a way off as I'm enjoying the guided meditations so much.

— Martin L.

This course is fantastic. I am enjoying it immensely. Meditation is becoming my favourite part of the day and I am sleeping better than I have in a long while.

— Alison P.

The course is further de-bunking a long held belief that meditation must be formalised and seated. I am clearly understanding that meditation is adaptable and can be used anywhere, at anytime without any fancy 'tools' to assist the process. I am finding that when I remind myself before beginning any meditation that my sole objective is to quieten the mind and relax the body that I have a far greater chance of success.

— Kristie K.

I am feeling more confident in my ability to meditate, both for long and short periods. I am finding my mind is more calm more frequently throughout the day.

— Shelley M.

Hi Matt, thanks for guiding and accompany me in my journey. I am enjoying the techniques described in this course; it is a very good online course amongst varied materials available on the internet, or other online course about meditation. Thank you, happy meditating!

— Chuyen.

Thank you again. I had somewhat of an epiphany this week when I was able to control my tension and anxiety in a high level work meeting through a spot meditation. What an incredible thing I've learned through your course! Everyone should take these lessons, they are truly life changing.

— Heidi Q.

This course has been a very big learning curve. I felt i knew a lot about meditation whereas infact i did not know much at all. I love the "whys" and "hows."

— Maria B.

As a regular meditator I thought I had a pretty good idea of how meditation works but its been so interesting to note how much I didn't know. There's heaps of new little bits of information.

— Maya L.

I feel like I have a clearer understanding of meditation, not only when explaining what meditation is to someone but while doing a meditation. I feel there is still more to learn and understand but know that it will come through regular practice. The content of the course is better than I expected because it simplifies things making it easier to understand and without feeling the pressure to understand or get it right.

Alicia Z.

I definitely understand better than ever what meditation is! I have practiced it for a few years, but this course has taught SO MUCH more that I never even knew as well as more ways to do so. I am getting alot from this course!

— Frances L.

I gained a lot from this course. Everything fell into place for me. I thought I understood mindfulness, but something just clicked and I'm now able to practice being mindful throughout the day... no where near perfect, but i'ts working and helping me enormously. I can feel into my body and release tension. It's amazing :)

— Lilly M.

I have been meditating for three years and always thought my medis were great but since starting the course I am way more in tune with my body and my mind. I meditate morning, night and whenever I need to during the day. With a toddler who sometimes tests my patience deep breathing is needed some days. I feel like I have so many more tools up my sleeve and have learnt so much about the background of meditation.

— Caitlyn P.

I definitely feel like I understand meditation better. This course has completely changed my attitude towards my practice. I used to get frustrated and always said "I just can't do it", but now I know those little distractions or thoughts are all part of it.

— Romy L.

I really enjoyed the course and feel like I am able to use it to help me destress and sleep better too.

— Erin A.